Saturday, December 19, 2020

Tips and recipes for creating your holiday gin cocktails

Presenters – Mrs. Gin and Eve-Marie of KWE cocktails

Conference Date – Saturday, December 29th, 3pm

Exquisite, superb and simple to prepare, these four cocktails created from Quebec gins will be a big hit with your guests during the wonderful holiday season.


Acerum - the hidden aromas of distilled maple

Presenter – Joël Pelletier

Distillery – Distillerie du St. Laurent

Conference Date: Saturday, December 19, 3:30 pm

Discover how this brand new appellation of spirits was born in Quebec and how the terroir is expressed through the different manufacturing methods of the producers. Forget what you think you know about maple: the Distillerie du St. Laurent invites you to discover the delicate aromas hidden behind the famous sweet taste of this Quebec identity product.

NOROI at the heart of innovation!

Presenter – Jonathan Robin

Distillery – Distillerie NOROI

Date of the conference: Saturday, December 19th, 4pm

Since its launch in 2019, the NOROI distillery innovates by its distillation process, by its way of recovering materials and by the originality of its products. Cold distilled products, alcohol-free spirits and a vegan emulsifier. A beautiful menu to discover in this dynamic and unique conference.

Gin 101

Presenter – Francis Bluteau, Co-Founder

Distillery – Blue Pearl

Conference Date: Saturday, December 19, 4:30 pm

To learn more about gin, its components and aromas, the Blue Pearl Distiller offers the Basic 101 course.


Sunday, December 20, 2020

History of the Stadacone distillery and choice of aromatics

Presenter – Jean-Pierre Allard, President and co-founder

Distillery – Stadaconé

Date of the conference: Sunday, December 20, 3pm

Through Quebecers’ strong craze for gins and the strong development of micro-distilleries throughout the province, discover how Stadacone Distillery has been able to stand out with its unique concept of guided tours and its 3 gins with unique and distinctive flavours.

From the earth to the bottle

Presenter – Éric Lafrance, President

Distillery – Domaine Lafrance

Conference Date: Sunday, December 20, 3:30 pm

Discover the process of Domaine Lafrance in the creation of their products from the earth to the bottle. During this conference, Éric Lafrance will explain how all the steps from picking the apple from the tree, to its distillation, to make delicious local spirits.

Quebec Whisky - bottling the fields from here

Presenter – Jean-François Cloutier

Distillery – Distillerie du St. Laurent

Date of the conference: Sunday, December 20, 4pm

Come and meet a whisky enthusiast and discover the vision of the producers behind the creation of this iconic spirit which, through its aging, praises the passing of time. A gustatory adventure that highlights Quebec’s terroir and the talent of its artisan distillers.

The world of spirits and the tourist experience seen by the Mitis distillery

Presenter – Yan Lévesque

Distillery – Distillerie Mitis

Conference Date: Sunday, December 20, 4:30 pm

Mitis Distillery is at the heart of the tourist activity in its region. Their facilities are located 100 m from the end of highway 20, so they will be there for you when you arrive in Gaspésie! During this conference, you will learn more about their facilities and the WOW! effect. In addition, they will explain how they welcome customers and how they are linked to local tourist attractions.